Oriental Rug Pros

When it comes to Oriental Rug Repair San Diego has a great resource to depend on. Oriental Rug Pros has been working since 1986 to keep San Diego’s Rugs in good repair.

We always inspect our customer's rugs for damage when we are called to your home to pick them up for cleaning. We will recommend the Best, Most Cost-Effective way to keep your Valuable Rugs and Kilim around for years to come.

Most often all that is needed is simple Edge Conservation, Overcasting, Belgian Stitch, or Dabble Knotting.

Some rugs may need Patching or Re-Weaving or Dye Work in order to return the rug to service. We offer different ways to achieve our customer's satisfaction.

Each Rug or Kilim is given the benefit of our knowledge and experience which is a 3rd generation and continuing commitment to High-Quality Work and Superb Service at Reasonable Prices.

The net result to you is that Oriental Rug Pros will be there to help keep your valuable Rugs and Kilim cleaned and in good repair for years to come.

We are just a phone call away and we always welcome your questions!

Our Repair Services Include:

•  Edge-work Blocking
•  Overcasting Re-Fringing
•  Re-Selvage Slip-Knotting
•  Belgian-Stitching Rug and Tapestry Hanging
•  Dabble-Knots Full or Partial Restoration

•  Re-Wefting Leather Edging
•  Color Enhancement Downsizing
•  Dye-work Patching
•  Re-Weaves Moth-Proofing