For those who are undecided as to whether or not to have your Rugs, Kilim, or Tapestries Appraised we would ask you to recall the County-wide disaster and epic Wildfires of 2007.

Hundreds of homes were destroyed including the owner's sister’s home in Bonsall. Thousands of more Homes suffered severe smoke damage from the fire.

Oriental Rug Pros

Oriental Rug Pros has always recommended that our customers get their Rugs, Kilim and Tapestries appraised every 4 years.

Our Appraisals will document the Replacement Value of your rugs and Kilim as well as all the Particulars of each piece.

Our Appraisal Formula is accepted by the Insurers and is further recommended by the fact that all of our customers who had Appraisals were able to receive Full Compensation from their Insurers as allowed by their policy.

Without an Appraisal all you can hope for is a small allowance per rug based on size alone.

Our Per Piece Charge for Rugs, Kilim or Tapestry is ONLY $100.00 including Certificate.

At Oriental Rug Pros we are committed to offering our customers the Best Overall Value for all their Rug Service, Maintenance, and Protection. This includes Appraisals!

Oriental Rug Pros is always happy to supply our customers with Accurate Knowledge regarding their Rugs, Kilim, and Tapestries.
We enjoy helping our customers learn more about their Rugs and we will assist you in developing and refining your knowledge and interest in any of the unique and amazing Rug Genres of the world.

Hand-made Rugs have been a part of human life for over 3500 years! These Woven wonders have been appreciated and sought after by KINGS, Governments, and Aficionados, and people of all walks of life.

Whatever level of interest you have for them, We are always pleased and ready to assist you.