All of our customers are cordially invited to visit our Facility and Watch their Rug be hand cleaned by our Master Cleaner and Staff.

THIS IS IMPORTANT to understand, most ‘so-called’ Oriental rug cleaners are simply carpet cleaners in disguise!

Oriental Rug Pros

Fact: To properly clean an Oriental Rug, the Master Cleaner must first determine which Dye Type is used in each individual rug. Proper Oriental Rug Cleaning today MUST take into account the fact that there are 5 main Dye Types as well as rugs that use a combination of 2 or more dye types in their construction.

Only through years of actual hands-on experience can the (Sort and separate process) which then determines the correct cleaning solution make-up, by which your rug can be safely and thoroughly cleaned. SIMPLY PUT, There is No Substitute for the Master Cleaners Knowledge which enables him to correctly custom Mix and adjust the cleaning solution according to each rugs dye and mordant type.

After the rugs are sorted to type and inspected, AND the cleaning solutions are mixed for each batch, the rugs go on to the cleaning process where they are DRY DUSTED to remove loose dirt and grit.

Then on to the Full Immersion soak, after which each rug is carefully Hand Cleaned according to its Weight, Age, and Condition. Special treatments for Pet Problems, Urine, Odors, etc. are handled at this stage.

Next, your rug is carefully Rinsed and Pressed 3 times. Each time the Rug is pressed in our German 20 ton per square inch Oriental Rug Press, your rug is being flushed with Clean Solution all the way to its foundation Warp Cords. It's Like Grandmas Laundry wringer only this one can Squeeze a rug that is 20 feet wide! The Rug is Squeezed, Rinsed, and Pressed a Minimum of 3 times until the solution runs completely Clear!

Oriental Rug Pros is completely committed to the Art of Oriental rug Cleaning and Maintenance. The truth is that Seeing is believing. When you are trying to decide on who you should let clean your important Rugs and Kilim, simply say I’d like to COME BY AND SEE how you clean my rugs AND I’m really interested in HOW YOU REMOVE THE DIRTY SOLUTION from my rugs.

This is where you are going to hear ALL KINDS OF EXCUSES why you cannot come to their location and watch.

At Oriental Rug Pros we INVITE YOU TO COME AND SEE our work to clean your rugs!

True Oriental and area rug cleaning is a combination of Knowledge, Experience, Proper equipment, and love and Respect for these Woven Treasures that have graced the homes and enriched the lives of people for generations.

We are always happy to help you with any questions or concerns and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you.
The Importance of using a Professionally made Oriental Rug Press cannot be overemphasized.
Only an Oriental Rug Press can Remove the solution from the biggest and heaviest Sarough and yet it will SAFELY and EFFICIENTLY squeeze and clean a delicate 19th century Aubusson Tapestry without damage or deformation.

It is truly the most important Innovation in the traditional Oriental Rug cleaning process in the last 200 years!

Any company that uses Truck-mounted or Portable carpet cleaning Extractors OR TRIES to remove the solution solely with a Hoe or Hand Tools simply SIMPLY CANNOT PROPERLY CLEAN Oriental Rugs.

FACT: The Vacuum type carpet extractors can NEVER get the dirt from around the foundation cords and knot bases.

FACT: Vacuum type carpet extractors WILL DAMAGE your Oriental Rug by actually taking the ‘Twist’ out of the Pile Yarn! This Will greatly reduce the useful life of your Rug!

In CONTRAST; A professionally designed Rug Press simply squeezes the Dirty Fluid out of your Rug WITHOUT deforming the Pile.

This is the indisputable TRUTH regarding Oriental Rug Cleaning.

Oriental Rug Pros is your best choice for San Diego Oriental Rug Cleaning today

Come by and watch us clean your rug OR simply call us for FREE PICK-UP and DELIVERY.