FAQ’s Rug Cleaning

Last week a customer with a question about her Antique rug led us going to Coronado to inspect and possibly repair a 100+ year old Sarough Farahan. What I saw when I arrived was enough to make you cry. This nice woman had sent her Rug to a company in San Diego for cleaning and repair of her treasured family heirloom.

What they did to her Rug was an absolute Crime. 1st. They cleaned it with improper solution and technique and RAN the COLORS . Then they proceeded to run her rug through a commercial sewing MACHINE and literally destroy her rare Farahan ! What could she have done to prevent this from happening. ASK QUESTIONS before you send your rug out. WHAT QUESTIONS ? First… ask HOW they clean Rugs. It must be FULL Immersion cleaning!

ASK What they clean with! It MUST be Glycerin based rug solution that is

Adjusted for the dye type of your rug.

Ask How do they get the solution out of the rug. Make sure they Press it out,

NOT extract it with vacuum or carpet cleaning equipment.

Ask Do they Clean wall to carpets also. “ Tell them you have a few rooms of

wall to wall that needs to be cleaned. If they say they can clean it….FIND a

Different company!! The truth is that there are quite a few Carpet cleaners

that present themselves as Oriental Rug Cleaning experts. You must ASK

questions to weed these off your list!

ASK Ask them if you can come to their location and WATCH your rug be cleaned

and PRESSED. TELL them you’ve always wanted to see how a RUG Press
really works.

If the company balks at your questions or doesn’t allow you to WATCH your
Oriental rug be Cleaned and Pressed, Find a different company!

A company that specializes in oriental rug cleaning and repair will gladly answer all your questions and Will be Happy to meet you in person and let you watch your rug be cleaned. Be careful, ask questions, take time meet the people who will actually be doing the work on your rugs!

Feel free to call us at Oriental Rug Pros for San Diego Rug Cleaning at its best. WE welcome your questions and YES, You are invited to come SEE YOUR RUG BE CLEANED.

PS. We were able to properly re-clean and fix the Dye bleeds in the customers Rug.